Hikmah Institute was founded in 2014 to help masjids give traditionally marginalized segments of the ummah a sense of belonging, community and ownership of the masjid.  Hikmah is pioneering a new model to work within existing masjid space, while maintaining its own organizational independence.

Hikmah Institute aims to provide:

Relevant Islamic Knowledge: Hikmah’s programs will begin with traditional Islamic knowledge and apply it to address the challenges of modern American life.  Hikmah’s programs endeavor to prepare attendees to live Islam and be a transformative force for positive change in our communities.

Community: The path to God is a lifelong struggle, and few people can navigate the journey alone.  Every Hikmah program seeks to foster brotherhood/sisterhood so attendees can surround themselves with good company and gain support in the path to God.

Relationship With Other Muslim Organizations

Hikmah is an autonomous organization that uses existing Islamic centers as a bases of operations. Hikmah’s operations will be independent of the Islamic centers with the intention of complementing the masjids’ existing programming.