Here is a list of both currently offered and future programs:

Ilm Classes

Hikmah Institute’s classes will provide students with an intimate learning environment, with easy access to our instructors, a spectrum of topics, and a level of depth not found in ordinary masjid programming. Class size will be limited to ensure intimacy and meaningful contact with instructors and other students. Payment will be accepted at the time of registration through our website. No student will be turned away for lack of funds. Scholarships and reduced tuition will be decided on a case by case basis.

Classes will require students to commit to attending each session along with any required reading in order to attain the level of depth envisioned. Instructors will be encouraged to base their lecture on a book or a course reader, so that students will have a baseline understanding of the topic before each session. Each class will be held during a 4-week block, with sessions once a week for 2 hours, plus 30 minutes for questions and answers (total of 10 hours of instruction per course).

Women’s Halaqa

Hikmah Institute’s Women’s Halaqa seeks to address the problem of unequal access to Islamic education in our community. This monthly halaqa will be lead by a female instructor and will encourage discussion. The Sisters’ Halaqa will provide a place of support, learning and the knowledge needed to live as American Muslims.

Youth Halaqa

Hikmah Institute’s Youth Halaqa is open to anyone, age 14-40, but is designed to be especially relevant to high school students. Our youth have serious questions about the deen, and sadly, far too many are leaving Islam every day. The Hikmah Youth Halaqa is designed to focus on spiritual topics, to awaken attendee’s hearts, answer difficult questions, and make Islam relevant in any environment.

The Halaqa will combine spiritual and social elements because Hikmah strongly believes that the masjid should not just be a place where people are told what they are and are not allowed to do; it is a community center, a place to make friends and have fun. Each session will begin with a talk by a guest speaker, followed by Q&A. After this initial set programming dinner will be served and attendees will be encouraged to socialize and interact with the speakers.